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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Laura Zerra

Had the amazing opportunity to meet and photograph New Hampshire's Laura Zerra. Laura teaches primitive survival, and backcountry skills through her website where her classes serve not only as a catalyst to inspire people to lead epic lives, but also as a tool to help individuals reach their potential.

In 2013, Laura was able to put her skills to the test, spending 21 days in full survival in Bocas del Toro, Panama, as a cast member of the Discovery Channel show “Naked and Afraid.” She currently resides in New Hampshire, where her passions include antler hunting, bow hunting, processing her own meat, Crossfit, horse packing, teaching what she loves, and new experiences.


R. Lunsford said...

I like the photo set . Out of all the contestants on Naked And Afraid , I have to say you were the one who carried yourself the best and I am sure you could survive almost anywhere if you need be ... I have your NAA episode on TiVo and watch it often ... I hope to see you back on TV again using your survival skills ...

Jodi Taylor said...

I miss seeing you at Crossfit Laura. You look great. Hope all is well! Jodi